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Tail coal Dryer

Tail coal  Dryer Tail coal  Dryer
Product name : Tail coal Dryer
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Tail coal flotation remaining coal contains large amounts of rock composition, is the poor quality of coal. Coals of Inner Mongolia Dongsheng area, known as tailings, commonly known as lignite, long flame coal, non-caking coal, coal degree is relatively low, and the heat is not high in several coal, coal tailings characteristics, I tail coal dryer system developed by the Division a good solution to this problem by drying and quality and to improve and enhance the calorific value of the coal tailings, expanding transportation radius.

Tail coal dryer system process from Division I to break up the, silos, preparation of hot air drying host, dust removal system, and control system. Hot air preparation system is generated by coal-fired or gas-fired hot flue gas to provide heat for the drying of about 650 degrees. Hot stove coal-fired fluidized bed furnace, gas furnace or gas. The dryer drum is slightly inclined and rotating the cylindrical body, the wet material from one end of upper portion through the feed tank into the dryer, the dry material is collected from the lower portion of the other end. Hot air into the dryer downstream from the feed end, discharged from the other end of the upper contact with hot air drying material was and flow. The solid material in the drum residence time of about 12 to 14 minutes, to reach the outlet temperature was raised to about 60 ° C, the flue gas temperature at this time is reduced to approximately 120 ° C or so. Barrel equipped with a forward copy board in accordance with the different angles, so that the material in the shed constantly so he took another cylinder rotary process, to make it fully and pass into direct contact with the hot flue gas, in order to improve the drying efficiency and the material forward movement. The composite dust removal system can be used cyclone and wet dust on dust, bag filter can also be used. These products are my company independent research and development equipment, of its wet efficient precipitator, and coal efficient pulse bag filter dust removal efficiency of up to 99%, can complete exhaust dust, while the condensation of water vapor in the dried down into the sewage system to be recycled.

The coal tailings dryer is designed according to the characteristics of coal tailings special mention quality equipment, mechanization of large quantities of dry coal, stand-alone treatment capacity of 300 to 2000T / D; moisture content can be reduced from about 30% to about 10%; calorific Increases 1000-1800Kcal. The drying drum specifications diameter from, Φ 1.9 m ~ Φ3.4 meters in length from 24 meters -40 meters.
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