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Lignite dryer

Lignite dryer Lignite dryer Lignite dryer Lignite dryer
Product name : Lignite dryer
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 1.brown coal drying project background
Lignite is a high volatile, high moisture, high ash content, low calorific value, low ash melting point, heavy pollution and resource utilization is relatively low. The shortcomings of China's lignite prevalence of high humidity (30% -50%), low-lighted, and carbon dioxide emissions, the direct combustion of lignite did not mention raw coal, will have serious environmental pollution problems and will increase in power plant installations construction and operation costs, higher water content led to increased transportation costs, limiting the northern lignite resources Sinotrans to the use of space in the coastal cities, power plants. The lignite is an important energy and chemical raw materials, but because the characteristics of the lignite, resulting in low sales prices, sales radius is limited, so the development and utilization of lignite increasingly subject to the attention of domestic and foreign government, research institutions and drying equipment manufacturers.

    DDHG series of highly efficient drum drying technology and equipment is the new brown coal drying system of Zhengzhou City, Dong Ding Drying Equipment Co., R & D for the above characteristics. Dryer design to fully consider the nature of the dry feed, specially designed for lignite high water content in the cylinder on the internal structure, further strengthen the anti-fragmentation of the unity block material, not only to improve the thermal efficiency and effective to avoid excessive dryness of the coal in the dryer. The lignite drying dehydration, which can effectively improve the heat index lignite and Chu shipment performance, so that the indicators meet the requirements of commodities steam coal has obvious economic, environmental and social benefits.

 2.lignite dryer structure and working principle
      To be crushed dried brown coal transported by belt conveyor to feed box, and then slide the drum dryer be quickly directed to the large inclination guide plate tilt lifting area, and with the tilt of the rotation of the drum and cylinder mentioning that since the tube bottom to the tube top fall to form a material curtain, into the drying drum of high-temperature flue gas from the same side with the wet material through the formation of conduction and the liquid heat exchange to preheat the wet material and evaporation of the water so that the wet material. The same time, the high temperature flue gas temperature rapid decline in temperature drying stage after preheating the wet material, most of the water was evaporated at this stage. With the materials and the repeated mixing of the flue gas exchange until they reach thermal equilibrium to reach the water requirements of materials, the material is discharged drying drum. Inside the drum copy board strip pore structure of lignite so he took the process inside the drum, and continue to leak, both to increase the contact area of ​​the lignite and the hot flue gas, to avoid, so he took a rupture caused by too high a one-time whereabouts. significantly reduce the lignite recrushing volume. Copy board between the level of scattered layout has a certain angle with the cylinder axis, both so he took a continuous lignite formation material curtain, but also make the dry material continuously forward to the discharge end, the formation of continuous drying. Are made of thin stainless steel plates to seal between the drum front head and the back-end head and the drum, the lateral plates of stainless steel tension springs and rollers outside of the ring closed, this sealing method can be high temperature, no noise, no leakage gas, is a new type of seal. After a heat exchange contains a lot of water vapor and dust exhaust after the cyclone, to get rid of most of the dust into the bag filter purification, the purified exhaust the direct discharge to form the entire drying process.

3.the device parameters introduced
 Lignite dryer lignite characteristics of lignite dryer, the mechanization of large quantities of lignite drying, intelligent automation control systems, stand-alone lignite handling capacity is 300 ~ 2000T / D; moisture content decreased from 40 ± 5% to 20 ± 2%; the lignite calorific value can enhance the 1000-1800Kcal. Drying drum specifications
diameter of Φ 1.9 meters Φ3.4 m, length 24 m -40 m.

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