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Wet scrubber

Wet scrubber
Product name : Wet scrubber
Item :
Details :
1、Device Description
CSG-type wet scrubber together to form a series in the same tower body will impact the water bath precipitators and wet filter stencil layer dust collector. Dust collector at run time, the dust stream to a certain speed is set by the device in the central duct of the tower body into the water and anti empty tower air flow rate, the formation of bubbling in the water and foam, the flow in the dust trap down the impact of primary purification of water bath dust after the dust gas at a lower speed, counter-current direction through the wet stencil. The dust of wet steel mesh stainless steel mesh filter layer, and continuous spray mist filter layer, so that the two effects of the steel mesh filter and the water film dust integrated together in order to achieve improve collection efficiency, cleaning trapping dust and to prevent the dust flying secondary purpose. Precipitator for dust removal and canisters used in the mining, ceramics, printing and dyeing, casting, refractory, boiler.

2、 product characteristics
     1.the device actually impact water bath - wet two filter dust, dust removal efficiency of up to 99%.

     2. the dust collector resistance 1200Pa, less power consumption.

     3. to allow the entrance of dust at high concentrations, and adaptability.

      4. when the requirements of the dust removal efficiency is low, you can remove the stencil, into a water bath - spray two dust, its resistance can be reduced to   1000Pa, dust removal efficiency of more than 95%.

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