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Peat dryer

Peat dryer Peat dryer
Product name : Peat dryer
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Do you know what is peat? Peat also known as peat or peat, it contains a lot of water in its natural state, the solid phase material is not completely decomposed plant residues and completely humification humus and minerals, organic matter of the first two generally accounts for more than half of the solid phase material. We are speaking here of peat in fact, refers to the habit of slime (southwest region called peat), coal washery sorting down by wet waste with fine granularity viscous characteristics. Modern coal resources, excessive consumption and environmental requirements, the peat resources become waste into treasure get the attention of the power plant, coal washing enterprise, peat drying machine the Dongding drying developed in order to solve large-scale industrialization of peat use produce 's.

The design of the Dongding peat dryer fully consider the nature of the dry material for high fine particle size, moisture, and viscous characteristics of the the flotation tailing filter press cake, specially designed cylinder internal structure not only improves thermal efficiency, but also effectively avoid the phenomenon of adhesions and over drying of peat in the dryer. Division I peat dryer system has the following characteristics:
① in the dryer feed end, to increase the inclination of the guide plate, so that the wet the slime quickly enter strengthen drying stage;
② lifting plate with scattered grate bars in the dryer cylinder of the circumferential radial level of scattered layout, material lifting plate so he took from the cylinder upside down to drop the process, with the lifting plate and break up the grate bars The increased frequency of collision contact, were broken grate bars broken into small pieces, so reciprocating the lift has been dropped several times, the last time in the dryer coal group to differentiate into less than 13mm of particles.
All welding 
③ lifting plate hopper the large chain ring cleaning chain, strengthen the chain on the cleaning effect of the dispersed material and thermal conduction will effectively prevent slime bonded on the inside and outside the lifting plate and cylinder wall.
④ downstream drying, smoke and wet material into the dryer on the same side, you can take advantage of the high-temperature smoke;
⑤ high evaporation intensity, low, high thermal efficiency of the dryer outlet temperature;
⑥ change operating parameters depending on the material properties, so that the material in the dryer cylinder of the formation of stable full-cut fabric curtain can live more fully, quality heat exchange;
⑦ new type of feeding, nesting devices, to eliminate the drum dryer feed plug discontinuous, uneven and returning materials to reduce dust removal system load;
⑧ new internal structure, strengthen the cleaning and thermal conductivity of the materials themselves dispersed, to eliminate the phenomenon of the cylinder wall adhesions, material moisture, sticky and adaptable。
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