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Slime dryer

Slime  dryer Slime  dryer Slime  dryer
Product name : Slime dryer
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1.An overview of the slime dryer

Slime  dryer to dry Central Plains, Zhengzhou City, Dong Ding Drying Equipment Co., developed according to different coal characteristics, strict control of the dryer the drying temperature, pressure, air volume, speed, and different forms inside the drum Jan feeding device, cleaning device, crushing devices a good solution to a wall of sticky slime drying process. Downstream drying, the full realization of the heat exchange and thermal conversion to improve the drying efficiency and thermal efficiency, lower exhaust temperature and exhaust emissions of dust concentration, and to ensure that the purpose to achieve energy saving and environmental protection. The system can be mechanized and large quantities of slime drying, intelligent automation system control, stand-alone slime treatment capacity of 300 ~ 2000T / D; moisture content decreased from 30 ± 5% to 12 ± 2%; the slime low heat enhance 1000-1500Kcal. Drying drum specifications diameter of Φ 1.9 meters Φ3.4 m, length 15 m -30 m.

2.Slime dryer structure and working principle 

Slime dryer in Dongding main source of heat, break up the device, belt feeder, rotary drum, belt feeder, Fan, unloading and distribution cabinet composition. The equipment works as follows: after the slime has a certain viscosity, wet slime into the drying drum divided into the following work area: First, the feeding area, wet slime of exposure to the rapid evaporation of water into this area with high-temperature hot air, the material do not form a bond will be imported in large lead angle guide plate is copied under the work area; so he took a clean-up, wet slime in this area, copy board, so he took the formation of the state of the material curtain material falling easy to form the adhesive roller wall phenomenon in this area due to equipment design and cleaning device, cleaning device, it is very reasonable to clean up the inner wall adhesion of the materials in this process, the cleaning device for the material group ball agglomeration also play a crushing effect, thereby increasing the heat exchange area, the drying rate; tilt lifting plate area, wet slime loose in this area has shown a low moisture state of the material in this area no longer has a bonding phenomenon, after sufficient heat exchange materials reach the required moisture status, the final feed zone; the discharge area, the roller in this area does not have a copy board, rolling glide materials in this area to the discharge opening, to complete the drying process.

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