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Chain row hot stove

Chain row hot stove Chain row hot stove
Product name : Chain row hot stove
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1、Characteristics and use of mechanical chain row coal-fired hot-blast stove
Chain row stove is a coal-fired hot-blast stove, coal adaptability, high thermal efficiency, and easy operation, dust chamber using gravity settling chamber structure. Simple structure, heat exchanger has a small resistance, long life characteristics. Mechanical chain grate coal-fired hot-blast stove, hot stove body, dust chamber, heat exchanger (indirect heating type is equipped with), hot stove in bulk and packaged both furnaces, combustion equipment with a mechanical chain grate, reciprocating grate according to user requirements supporting on the stoker, mucking machine. Between heat stove indirect heating of air, the flue gas and air to each go their ways, the heating is absolutely pollution-free, to meet the hot air clean, the needs of the application field of fire and explosion-proof requirements. The furnace is complete, economical and reliable operation, high temperature hot air, is widely used in food, food, chemicals, building materials and other industries.

2、Characteristics and range of application of the beams chain grate and reciprocating grate
      Beams chain grate
Beams chain grate is a mechanized, compact structure, advanced technology layer burning equipment. Can be used as combustion equipment is widely used in large-scale layer combustion boiler (for the evaporation of 2 0 to 120t / h, chain grate boiler supporting) and a variety of heating and drying equipment. Suitable for burning bituminous coal, lignite and peat. Can also be specially designed as bagasse, wood, rice husk as fuel combustion equipment. Coal used in this grate shall meet the following requirements:

The maximum particle size of coal shall not exceed 40mm, 0 ~ 6mm fine coal does not exceed 50% of the total, of which 0 ~ 3mm cinder content should be less than 25% of the total.

Coal-fired water should be less than 20%, 8-10% is appropriate.

Coal ash content not more than 30%, but should not be less than 10%, volatile the Fenyi not less than 20%.

Coal ash melting temperature should be greater than 1250 ℃.

      Coking is not strong.

Low calorific value of coal should be greater than 4226kcal/kg.

The coal requirements, such as the stoker equipment to the coal requirements conflict, should take the highest requirements between the two.

The use of this grate primary air temperature must not exceed 200 ℃.

Reciprocating grate
The entire grate from front to back tilt arrangement, an inclination of 11 °, fixed grate and activities grate alternately set. Its burner tail row are fixed grate the activity grate installed in the active grate shelf, fixed grate installed in a fixed grate shelves. By the motor, reducer, activities grate reciprocating motion through the connecting rod to drive the entire grate stoker, combustion, slagging, and other automated combustion process. The heat generated by fuel combustion flue gas after the baffle wall, lowering gray room into the feed box, the dryer was dried material quality heat exchanger, so that the evaporation of one of the dry material. The performance characteristics are as follows:
The combustion efficiency in more than 80%.

Automation, mechanization, reduce labor intensity.

With wide adaptability (of fuel), heating and rapid characteristics.

The amount of coal needed to adjust.

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