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Sludge dryer

Sludge dryer Sludge dryer
Product name : Sludge dryer
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1、sludge dryer Overview
      With the accelerated process of industrialization and urbanization, the improvement of the sewage treatment rate, a variety of industrial sludge, sewage sludge production will definitely grow. Sludge treatment and disposal has become an integrated environmental management in new and difficult challenges. Sludge piled up, landfill approach has resulted in serious pollution of water resources, land and other. Dry muddy drying experts Dongding developed argillaceous material drying system suitable for the more viscous a variety of sludge drying, moisture content of about 85% wet sludge dewatering drying to a moisture content below 10% of the dry powder. Negative pressure operation of the sludge drying system with enhanced heat transfer device to direct heat transfer, drying moisture control, operating flexibility, allowing product flow have a greater range of fluctuation. Another Division I of the sludge drying system can make use of the boiler exhaust as a heat source of the sludge dryer, so that production costs are greatly reduced and no secondary pollution, and other advantages. The sludge dryer system can be applied to dried activated sludge, sewage sludge drying and sludge drying petrochemical, paper mill sludge drying, sludge drying of printing and dyeing, tannery sludge drying, electroplating sludge drying, municipal sludge drying bio-fermentation bacteria residue and sludge and bad residue drying humid materials.
2、 sludge dryer works and the scope of
       The new sludge dryer system works as follows: sludge from the feeder through the chute into the dryer within a conducting board, with the rotating cylinder, sludge lead to tilt the lifting board shall be raised to the center of the cylinder, gradually floating down the formation of the material screen, high temperature air or boiler exhaust gas through it, the sludge preheating and evaporation of the water. When the sludge spilled, move to the wing-board activities of the grate bars, the material mixed with the preheated grate-type wing with the heat to the material, so that part of the water evaporates. The same time, the wing attachment materials filed, floating down, repeatedly, materials and hot air convection and contact heat exchange. Buried in the materials in the cleaning device, along the arc-shaped lifting plate side of the downturn, the lifting plate inner wall adhesion material sweeping down. Later turned to the vertical line with the cylinder, the cleaning device, adhesion, sweeping down the outer wall in the lifting plate material in the arc lifting plate on the back of drag. With the continuous rotation of the cylinder, so that part of the evaporation, sludge to be further dried. The same time, the cleaning device of sludge Spheroidization smash role, improve the drying rate after the last sludge drying loose material into a low-moisture from the discharge port.
3、The main features of the three, sludge dryer
      1.can take advantage of the boiler flue waste heat as a heat source, greatly reducing project operating costs.
      2, a reasonable partition, the dispersion of the material, better throw Yang.
The unique breaking arch, rapping device, effectively solve the material with the body of lifting device of mutual bonding and drying process, the agglomeration of     materials, movement blocked.
     3. a special lifting Caesar feeding device, so that material, gas exchange efficiency.
     4. the use of materials and hot air downstream drying process for a wide range, while maintaining the original materials of activity.
     5. automatic temperature monitoring control system, making system operation more convenient.
     6.the inverter technology to adjust cylinder speed, to optimize the material with the hot flue gas contact time, improve the drying effect.
     7. the optimized structure designed to extend the useful life of equipment.
4、the sludge dryer-benefit analysis
To deal with sewage sludge, for example on the rotary drum dryer boiler waste heat projects simple-benefit analysis - after drying the sludge, with the fluidized bed boiler, mixing a certain proportion of the coal boiler fuel. It is estimated that 2.5 tons of municipal heat drying sludge equivalent to 1 ton coal burning sludge can be sold as a building material. Meanwhile, the dried sludge sludge treatment costs available state aid, although the different local standards, but mostly in the 100 - 400 yuan / ton. If the business processing 100 tons of water content of 80% of municipal sludge, you can get 25 tons of dry sludge, which is equivalent to 10 tons of standard coal, worth about $ 5,000; sludge treatment by the State subsidy of 20,000 yuan (by 200 $ / ton); save 10,000 yuan (100 yuan / ton) of sludge treatment costs of the enterprise. Excluding the tax incentives and depreciation of equipment operating costs, investment in the project available to 3.5 million gross profit daily. Where a boiler companies, such as power plants, chemical plants, food plants, paper mills, dye houses, tanneries and other investment of the project, either on their own to deal with the enterprise of postpartum sludge or other wet waste, but also to reduce production costs. reduce emissions and protect the environment, business can also contract external dry the sludge, wet material, for the plant to expand business opportunities.

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