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Drying control systems

Drying control systems Drying control systems
Product name : Drying control systems
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Coal drying operation control, process parameter monitoring system
1, the operation control
Power equipment to local control mode and control room centralized control. Control room of one of GCK - Ⅲ measuring and control console, the console within the centralized control of the PLC and other equipment; operating at the site near the equipment are set in place the operation box; the appropriate place in the workshop to set up a signal box.
Monitoring and control devices via the dry monitoring and control in software, system availability and reliability of the stronger its main features are as follows:
①, the system is reliable, and adaptable;
②, easy maintenance, simple operation;
③, system operation, control functions implemented by the software can be modified flexibly according to the control object changes;
④, parameter overrun, fault alarm, emergency stop;