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Coke dryer

Coke dryer Coke dryer
Product name : Coke dryer
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With the blast furnace of large-scale blast furnace of coal drying technology in tamping coking process and the development and application of new technologies, the increasingly high demand for the coke quality. Coking coal moisture of the raw materials directly impact the life of coke technical and economic indicators of quality, production, coke production and coke oven furnace and existing coking coal preparation process due to the high moisture of coal into the furnace, it is difficult to meet large-scale blast furnace requirements on coke quality. Appeared, such as the tamping briquette bulk density decreased, the blast furnace briquettes collapse rate, smoke and dust removal facilities operating results, wastewater treatment capacity, and coking heat consumption of large and coke oven shortened life expectancy, and other issues, these problems have seriously restricted the enterprise production and development. In recent years, in order to reduce coke consumption and improve the quality of coke, Japan, Germany, the United States, Russia and other countries competing to carry out research and development of the dry coal coking process technology. Domestic coal drying manufacturers Dongding dry developed for the case of domestic coking coal, coke dryer system, applicable to a variety of blast furnace coke, coke moisture treatment. The technologically advanced, mature, reliable, and greatly reduce the labor intensity of investment in conservation, cleaner production, reduce environmental pollution.

The process: the raw coal transported by belt conveyor to plow unloader, then enter the sealed scraper conveyor into the dryer through the chute. Quality heat exchange from the nesting box into the sealed discharge scraper conveyor, belt conveyor chute into, and then reproduced through two belt conveyor, the return conveyor system in the dryer. The dry coal used by the hot medium was prepared in the hot stove, by the blower through the duct into the air and gas pipes to transport gas in the mixture within the burner combustion, the hot flue gas into the energy-saving drum dryer to heat wet briquette and evaporation of water. Heated exhaust nesting boxes, duct into a parallel set once a cyclone dust collector, recycling pulverized coal; after preliminary purification of the gas sent to the wet scrubber to further purification, and finally clean the exhaust from the chimney into the atmosphere by the induced draft fan. A fine pulverized coal cyclone dust collected by the screw conveyor and star-shaped row of feeder valves to the products mixed with dry feed scraper conveyor, conveyor system back to the original. Two wet scrubber of the row of black water into the trench back to the coal preparation plant to focus on. The sets of coal moisture control system with intelligent control and monitoring, production of adaptable, the product can meet user's requirements.

System configuration and features: Due to the drying of coal for the mixture of coal and Flotation Concentrate in the end, with fine granularity, high viscosity, water features, To this end, the cylinder internal and external structure to improve the design, development energy-saving drum dryers. Its characteristics are: tube outer surface temperature dropped from 42 to 49 ℃ to 20 to 25 ° C, the surface heat loss is reduced; to reduce or eliminate the sticky material of the cylinder wall, dry products do not increase in gray; reduce heat losses, The dry thermal efficiency of 80%. Improving the design of a conducting device, so that the material smoothly into the drum, more secure and reliable operation. Drum dryers drying effect depends on the material and thermal contact and heat transfer media in the form. Inside the dryer with a cleaning device, arc-shaped lifting plate lifting plate to the formation of a uniform material in the drum cross section of the screen, and comprehensively improve the convective heat transfer effects. Lifting in the arc-shaped board to hang a chain cleaning device to prevent and reduce the bonding of the material in the drum wall or lifting board. Chain can absorb heat in the upper to the lower part of the heat released after heating materials to improve the heat transfer effect. Points of the structure of the lifting plate blanking plate and the plate, so that material can be fully dry, and is especially suitable for drying high concentration of fine particles of sticky materials.
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