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Blast furnace gas burner

Blast furnace gas burner Blast furnace gas burner
Product name : Blast furnace gas burner
Item :
Details :
     Burner circumferential seam vortex structure, gas formation of the tubular flow air through the volute air chamber ring sewn to form a rotating gas flow ejected, and gas vents near the rapidly mixed, thereby accelerating the combustion speed of the gas to improve the combustion temperature, so that complete combustion. Stable flame zone and the nozzle of the burner fuel combustion to maintain a certain distance, the nozzle has been in a cooling nozzle long life, no coke, no blocking.

    Uses a unique combustion mechanism, relative to the other burner manufacturers, I designed the blast furnace gas burner without the help of high calorific value gas with burning, cold furnace ignition and stable combustion. Adaptability of fuel, operating flexibility, flame forming a good rule, vigorous and effective, not flighty, in blue stream-like flame;Burner does not stall in the blast furnace gas pressure fluctuations do not take off the fire, the level of load regulation.
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