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Ash dryer

Ash dryer Ash dryer
Product name : Ash dryer
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1、the characteristics of the fly ash
Fly ash is pulverized coal combustion at high temperature to form a similar Pozzolanic materials. It is the combustion of coal power plants coal pulverized to less than 100 microns in a pulverized coal, with preheated air injected into the furnace is formed by the combustion state of suspension, resulting in a large number of the incombustible material is mixed with a high temperature flue gas is obtained by the dust collecting means collecting fly ash. Fly a chemical composition with the clay, the main ingredient is silica, aluminum oxide, ferric oxide, calcium oxide and unburnt carbon. Fly ash particles. In accordance with the fly ash particle morphology, the fly ash particles can be divided into: glass beads; sponge-like vitreous carbon particles (particles smaller, more dense, the small pore vitreous and particles, porous vitreous); . My power plant emissions in fly ash microsphere content is not high, the most cavernous vitreous particle size distribution is very uneven. Polishing treatment, destruction of the morphology of the original fly ash, making it a relatively uniform size crushing polyhedron, to improve its specific surface area, thereby improving its surface activity, to improve the performance differences.
2、Fly Ash Utilization
China is a coal-producing countries, the basic fuel of coal for electricity production. In recent years, China's energy industry has developed steadily, with 7.3% annual growth rate of power generation capacity, the rapid development of the power industry, has brought a sharp increase of the fly ash emissions, coal-fired thermal power plant fly ash emissions total yearly increase in 1995 fly ash emissions amounted to 125 million tons, about 1.5 million tons in 2000, will reach 200 million tons in 2010 to exert enormous pressure on the construction of China's national economy and ecological environment. The other hand, China is a per capita reserves are limited resources, comprehensive utilization of fly ash, turning waste into treasure, variable harm into, has become an important technical and economic policies in China's economic construction, is the solution to our an important means of electricity production and environmental pollution, the contradiction between the lack of resources, is also one of the electricity production tasks facing resolved. After development, the fly ash has been widely used in the construction industry, building materials, water conservancy departments. Fly ash can be used as a cement, mortar, concrete admixtures, and become a component of cement, concrete, fly ash as a raw material instead of clay for the production of cement clinker raw materials, manufacturing sintered bricks, autoclaved aerated concrete, foam concrete hollow brick, sintered and non-sintered ceramic, paved roads; build a dam, the construction of the port, of lowland farmland potholes, coal mining subsidence area and mine backfill; the sorting from Zeeospheres, beads, iron fine powder, carbon, aluminum, and other useful substances, including floating beads, beads were used as insulation materials, refractory materials, plastics, rubber filler. Fly ash emissions in the power plant's coal-fired boiler system can be divided into two kinds of dry drainage and wet row. Currently, in the developed areas of the cement industry, dry fly ash as an admixture in cement production, better market has shown a trend in short supply, jumped to a resource; basic physical and chemical properties of wet fly ash, dry fly, just water (up 45%), cement production can not meet the requirements, the attention of the market, can only be stacked in the wet gray library, greater accumulation of serious pollution of the environment. With the continuous optimization of the national industrial policy, environmental regulations, and properly handle the increasingly harsh, wet fly ash has been put on the agenda. Only by improving the utilization of fly ash-wet fly ash with reasonable energy consumption, a simple process for drying its water is less than 5% before turning waste into treasure, to achieve social and economic benefits double harvest .
3、Drawbacks of wet fly ash material properties and traditional drying equipment
The wet fly ash with a small proportion of water, fine grain size, and other notable features. The traditional drying equipment can not solve the drying of wet fly ash. Such as the use of the conventional dryer drying fly ash, because the materials have the above-mentioned three characteristics, formed within the apparatus wind tunnel, resulting in short circuit of the hot gas stream, the exhaust gas temperature is high, heat loss is very serious. The early moisture ≤ 20%, ≤ 5% final moisture coal consumption of 15 ~ 20Kg tce / T dry material.
4、fly ash dryer system works and features
Hot stove hot air temperature of 350 ° C, under the direction of the PC system, the device begins to work. The delivery device of the wet material moisture is less than 20% of the wet fly ash feeder fed beaten to break up the feeding machine having broken up and transporting dual function, so that the material is uniformly given away belt conveyor, and then into storage silos, and then through the screw feeder, uniform fly ash fed into the drying drum. The device energy savings than traditional drum dryer one-third, and greatly reduce the cost of production, the technology leader in the domestic level, its working principle is as follows: Material from the feed device into the inner layer of the three-cylinder, to achieve downstream drying, the material in the inner layer of the copy board so he took scattered was helix traveling-type heat exchange materials move to the other end of the inner into the middle, countercurrent drying, the material in the middle constantly repeated Yang Jin traveling was two steps forward and a step back, the material in the middle fully absorb the heat of the inner drum, and absorb the heat of the middle roller, while extending the drying time, the material in this optimal dry state. Fast Marching material line to the the middle other end and fall into the outer layer of material in the outer layer of the drum was rectangular multi-loop road to reach the drying effect of the material in the hot air under the discharge roller, did not reach the drying effect of the wet material can not be fast due to weight advancing the material to the rectangle copy board fully dry, which reached a drying effect, complete the drying process. Wet fly ash and hot air heat exchange of the confiscation of its main way of convection and heat conduction, radiation also have a certain role. The three rollers along the long residence time of the materials in the equipment structure is conducive to an increase of the heat exchange to improve the thermal efficiency in the use of reduced equipment footprint.

The main characteristics of the fly ash drying machine system
1 equipment investment required is 1/6 of the imported products.
2 final moisture of materials to ensure that less than 0.5%, First of all products of the fly ash and slag powder production line.
(Traditional monocular dryer thermal efficiency of only 35%) to improve the thermal efficiency of 45% the 3 cylinder insulation thermal efficiency up to 80% more.
4 fuel the applicable coal, oil, steam, drying below 20mm block material pellet powder materials.
5 monocular dryer to reduce an area of ​​about 50%, about a 50% reduction in construction investment, power consumption reduced by 60%.
Adoption and alloy steel plate manufacturing wear-resistant than ordinary steel 4 times.
7 can easily control according to user requirements required final moisture indicators.
The 8 outlet temperature is low, the dust removing device uses a long time.
9 do not need the size of gear rotation, using tugs rotation.

5、 should pay attention to the problem of fly ash dryer system design
1, the beginning of moisture control. Moisture of wet fly ash emitted from a power plant, just 45%. Then immediately drying, production costs, a larger pressure equipment. Piled up in a well-ventilated place about 15 days, the water dropped to about 20%, and then processed.
2 precipitator Selection. The fine particles of fly ash, light density, after drying in the vacuum state, easily taken away by the airflow, causing the fluid medium change, and dust-laden gas water. Precipitator should be selected according to the above process state.
3, dry material handling equipment should pay attention to sealing.
4, the choice of the hot stove. Hot stove should be used in high efficiency, fully fueled with low-quality coal, the ease of operation of the furnace.
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