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Raw coal dryer

Raw coal dryer Raw coal dryer
Product name : Raw coal dryer
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Coal is measured from the ground or underground mining of coal out of the hair removed by screening process gangue and pyrite after coal or coal produced unwashed, unprocessed hair coals. According to their degree of carbonization of coal can be divided into lignite, bituminous coal, anthracite, peat. According to Ministry regulations generally coal Total moisture should be less than 8%, the maximum does not exceed 10%. And for some of the higher moisture content of coal, with a low calorific value, and many other unfavorable conditions are unfavorable for the economy and security, it is difficult to achieve industrial applications. Changes in characteristics coal plant will affect the subsequent manufacturing process, the output of the boiler unit and availability, efficiency and maintenance costs of the unit, the power plant economy and reliability of operation have a great impact. Dongding improve coal quality coal dryer, played an important role.

In such cases the experts Zhengzhou Coal Drying Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. Dong Ding for coal power plants on coal characteristics and the different requirements of the development of low-lignite drying machine, dryer bituminous, sub-bituminous coal drying machine series Dryer products, depending on the nature of the coal drying process and the design of different system configurations targeted programs to address coal drying process of the system production costs, dust pollution, automatic control series of technical problems, greatly enhance the quality of coal, to the downstream enterprise application brings a virtuous circle. I am the Secretary of low coal dryer products in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Guizhou, Yunnan been widely used, concerns Dongding lignite, Mongolian coal, coal series of drying and quality and technology and promote the development of the industry.

Coal dryer process: raw material to be dried first transported by conveyor belt to the drum, respectively, under the front of the chute, and was into the drum dryer after large angle guide plate to quickly guide inclined lifting area, and With the drum rotation and tilt cylinder is raised to the tube from the bottom of the top tube down to form a "curtain material", with the same end of the wet material into the drying drum high temperature flue gas from the formation of conduction through the wet material and liquid heat exchanger, preheating and evaporation of the water wet materials. Meanwhile, the high-temperature flue gas temperature decreased rapidly, the preheated temperature of the wet material enters the drying stage, most of the water is evaporated at this stage. With repeated material mixed with the flue gas exchange until thermal equilibrium is reached after the water requirements of the material, the material is discharged drying drum. After heat exchange after the dust contains a lot of water vapor and exhaust through the cyclone, is to get rid of most of the dust into the bag type dust to dust, purified exhaust emitted directly form the entire drying process.

Dongding to mention the quality of coal dryer equipment Advantages

1, the configuration of the dedicated coal drying heat system, this heat collected during the dry pulverized coal as fuel, not only solved the problem of fuel drying system, drying system has solved the problem of dust generated. 

2, Dryer anti-overload, large capacity, low fuel consumption, low drying costs;

3, the use of downstream drying, smoke and wet material into the dryer from the same side, you can take advantage of high temperature flue gas to obtain a high evaporation, dryer outlet temperature is low, high thermal efficiency;

4, according to the different material properties change operating parameters, so that the material in the dryer cylinder body capable of forming a stable full cut curtain fabric, quality heat exchange is more fully;

5, new feeding, nesting devices, to prevent clogging the feed drum dryer, not continuous, uniform and returning materials such phenomena, reducing the dust load;

6, the new internal structure, and strengthen the cleaning materials that have been scattered and thermal conduction, eliminating the cylinder wall adhesions phenomenon, material moisture, sticky and adaptable;

7, dryer achieve a "zero thrust", greatly reducing wear roller block, cylinder smooth and reliable operation;

8, dryer "self-aligning roller-type device", so that the roller and rolling ring linear contact with forever, thus greatly reducing the wear and power loss;

9, according to user requirements control product particle size and moisture, the product up to 8% or less moisture, particle size can be controlled in 8mm or less.

Dongding drying characteristics for different raw materials for technical process design and equipment selection to ensure drying effect. Drying Equipment diameters from Φ1.6 ~ Φ4.5 m, length 15 m - 40 m from a variety of daily processing capacity from 200-5000 tons of feed moisture 40 ± 5%, dry and moisture can be reduced to 10 ± 2% or even less than 80% thermal efficiency, system security, environmental protection, energy efficient, automated control. Division I mention the quality of the coal drying system in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Henan, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Guizhou, Yunnan and other regions get widely used.
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