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three drum dryer

three drum dryer three drum dryer three drum dryer
Product name : three drum dryer
Item :
Details :
1、 three-cylinder dryer range
The three-tube dryer system, in order to reduce the drying energy consumption and expand capacity on the basis of the single layer drum drying equipment and drying equipment, learn from abroad, three-cylinder drying technology developed Dongding The system has been widely used building materials, metallurgy, mineral processing, chemical, cement and other industries, can be used for drying water slag slag, calcium carbide slag, limestone, clay, sand, quartz sand, water, slag and other slag materials. The system uses the latest three-layer drying process, a full set of rational design of drying equipment, well-made, stable performance, advanced technology, high output, low power consumption, small footprint and high degree of mechanization. Our technical personnel to improve the applicability to further enhance the very good results in the humidity of materials processing.

2、 three drum dryer system structure and composition and workflow
Dong Ding drum dryer complete system consists of three parts: heating systems, heat exchange system, and ventilation and dust removal system. Heating system, part of a hot stove technology, sufficient heat, the effects of heat transfer, simple structure; heat exchange system is the three-tier drying drum, cylinder body lifting plate staggered arranged in spiral, repeatedly Young Caesar materials, heat exchange efficiency high; ventilation and dust removal system to be equipped with dust collector, fine particles of slag materials, light density, after drying in vacuum state, susceptible to airflow away, resulting in fluid medium change, and the dusty gas water to prevent the wind system sucked out into the atmosphere resulting in wasted resources and environmental pollution, unified by the dust collector dust collector. Change the system works as follows: wet material from the three-roller feeding device into the inner layer, the downstream drying material in the inner copy board, so he took the scattered spiral marching to achieve heat exchange, the material moved to the other end into the middle of the inner, counter-current drying material in the middle, repeatedly Yang Jin, was two steps forward, step back and the road, the material in the middle both fully absorb the heat of inner drum, but also to absorb the middle drum heat, and to extend the drying time and materials to achieve the best dry state. Material to the middle the other end fall into the outer layer of material in the outer drum was a rectangular multi-loop is proceeding fast marching discharge roller to achieve the drying effect of the material in the hot air under, did not reach the drying effect of the wet material and not due to weight fast road, the material within this rectangle copy board is fully dry, so as to achieve the drying effect, complete the drying process. Unified collecting the discharge of dust moisture after dust removal equipment.

3、 Dong Ding drum dryer system features

  1, our equipment to meet the different users of the the slag class materials after drying particle size and moisture requirements.

  2, our equipment to deal with than the large, strong anti-overload, low fuel consumption, can reduce your drying costs.

  3, our equipment in order to achieve the best drying results in the design of the downstream drying, drying equipment, materials and heat flow from the same side into the dryer outlet temperature, high thermal efficiency.

  4, our device uses a new type of feed, nesting devices, to prevent the slag dryer feed plug, discontinuous, uneven, and returning materials such phenomena for you to reduce the dust load.

  Our equipment on the internal structure of innovation, and strengthen the materials have been dispersed swept and thermal conduction to eliminate the phenomenon of cylinder wall adhesions
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