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Pulverized coal combustion furnace

Pulverized coal combustion furnace
Product name : Pulverized coal combustion furnace
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Pulverized coal combustion furnace is a the Zhengzhou Dongding slime class argillaceous material characterized by its own research and development of a new type of burner, high thermal efficiency, affordable, and can be used in a variety of furnace kiln. The device mainly includes four components: ignition oil spraying device, incendiary devices, power distribution cabinets. The device due to the lump coal broken into very fine particles, which greatly improves the efficiency of coal combustion, an increase of the effective calorific value of coal, with the burning lump coal can be reduced compared to 40% -50% of coal consumption. Compared with the burning oil, can reduce about 75% of the cost, economic efficiency is very significant. The equipment at any time to take the furnace rotation to change the angle of the furnace body, difficult to form slag, to overcome the previous similar products on coal demanding, easy slagging (especially sulfur residue), difficult to clean residue, easy to maneuver in preparation for the heavy clean-up, lining the brick is easily damaged, the cost of shortcomings. Really the purpose of reducing costs with coal oil.

Working principle
Less than 25mm of coal, crushed by the grinding of coal duster, directly from the hose sprayed into the furnace, well mixed and ignited by the ignition oil spray high-pressure mist burning. The outer wall of the combustion air into the coal pipe oxygen into the furnace. The wind wrapped coal rotation full combustion in the furnace body. Under the joint action of the the slag wind and the cooling air, to blow the ash formed in the combustion furnace, while reducing the furnace temperature. A few shares of wind through the throttle to adjust the size, in order to achieve ideal combustion state.
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