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Inner Mongolia coal dryer

Inner Mongolia coal dryer Inner Mongolia coal dryer Inner Mongolia coal dryer Inner Mongolia coal dryer
Product name : Inner Mongolia coal dryer
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Mongolian coal drying process in order to solve the problem of the Mongolian coal due to high moisture content of 20%, 30%, while not comprehensive utilization. Mongolian coal dryer to take the Mongolian coal is first broken scattered and then dry heat technology, so that the disposal of coal in Mongolia to achieve a continuous, industrialization and automation. After the Mongolian coal drying technology disposal Mongolian coal moisture from 25% to 28% to 12%. Since the introduction of pre-broken, scattered, broken up, anti-sticking wall processes, the drying efficiency of the Mongolian coal were significantly enhanced with new vitality, but also for Mongolian coal drying industry in Mongolia coal drying process.

The main features of the Mongolian coal dryer

1.dryer anti-overload, large capacity, low fuel consumption, low-cost drying;

2.the downstream drying, flue gas and the wet material into the dryer on the same side, can take advantage of the high temperature flue gas to get high evaporation, dryer outlet temperature, high thermal efficiency;
3.according to different material properties to change the operating parameters, so that the material to form a stable full cut fabric curtain in the dryer cylinder body, the quality of heat exchange more fully;

4.the new feeding, nesting devices, put an end to the drum dryer feed plug, discontinuous, uneven, and returning materials such phenomena, reducing the dust load;

5.a new internal structure, and strengthen the cleaning materials have been dispersed and thermal conduction, and eliminate the cylinder wall adhesions phenomenon on the material moisture content, viscosity and adaptable;

6.the dryer to achieve a "zero thrust", greatly reducing wear riding wheel block, cylinder smooth and reliable;

7.dryer aligning supporting roller device, riding wheel and rolling circle with linear contact forever, and thus greatly reduce the wear and power loss;

8.according to user requirements to control the particle size and moisture content, drying slime product moisture of up to 8%, particle size can be controlled to less than 8mm.
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