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Fluidized bed furnace

Fluidized bed furnace Fluidized bed furnace
Product name : Fluidized bed furnace
Item :
Details :
1.works and the scope of application
The large-scale high-temperature fluidized bed furnace is a new furnace for burning low grade coal, combustion, it overcomes the shortcomings of the layer burner and burner stove, a new type of fluidized bed combustion furnace fuel by crushing into 10mm following particles by the governor mechanical evenly into the furnace, controlled high-pressure air through the air distribution panel hood Kong launched into hearth, burning fuel in was fluidization boiling-like effect of the high-pressure air to produce high temperature heat smoke, combustion by controlling the coal, the amount of wind, air pressure, exhaust temperature, combustion heating with good controllability; fluidized bed furnace using poor quality fuel. nitride generate less easy desulfurization has significant environmental advantages. The increasing energy conservation, environmental awareness, encourage and promote coal clean combustion technology has been included in China's energy saving law, the fluidized bed furnace has been widely used in metallurgical, chemical, building materials, non-metallic minerals, and other areas of the slag, clay, coal, composite fertilizer, natural gypsum, non-metallic ore and other raw materials and materials, drying, calcination to provide heat.

2. the main performance characteristics
Fuel adaptability, combustible bituminous coal, anthracite, and a variety of poor quality fuel, such as gangue, stone coal, cinder, etc.;

Fuel Preparation is simple, raw coal by crushing to 10mm below you can into the furnace;

High combustion efficiency, combustible the embers small coal particles, fully burned, the carbon particles burning embers up to 98% thermal efficiency of 95%;

Heating, stability, temperature uniformity, and wide adjustment range of heating, the heating temperature of 1000 ℃, and stability adjustable;

Automatic overflow slag, ash comprehensive utilization, without high-temperature ash melting activity is a good admixture of cement;

High degree of mechanization, thermal control may need to provide manual control, intelligent control of thermal instrumentation and computer control a variety of ways, simple operation, easy maintenance;

Environmentally effective, less harmful substances in exhaust gas, a very small amount of NOx furnace low-cost desulfurization, sulfur in the fuel discharge solid way to reduce SOx air pollution;

Pressure fire standby, ignition of fuel and time savings, pressure fire for 16-24 hours, the longest up to 36 hours.
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