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Disc feeder

Disc feeder
Product name : Disc feeder
Item :
Details :
Disc feeder capacity, said feeder device, it is uniform, continuous material feed sent to the next device, the volume of feed can be adjusted by rotating disc and adjustable scraper plate materialare scraped from the container to the device of the subject material, the compact design of the class models, simple structure, convenient adjustment, reliable, maintenance of small, low noise, is the preferred system of cement, chemical industry, power plants and other departments rationingfeeding equipment.

This machine is suitable for air purification extent the requirements of the higher places, a variety of non-viscous and mobility is not very good material, fed send powdered, granular or small block of material, such as pulverized coal, cement, clinker, limestone, clay, etc., suitable for particle sizes less than 50 mm particles or meal of dried materials, can even feed ratio accurately. General mills, dryers common equipment. Not suitable for viscous feed, easy flow or liquidity of a particularly good material.
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