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Clean coal dryer

Clean coal dryer Clean coal dryer Clean coal dryer
Product name : Clean coal dryer
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 The washed coal (clenedcoal) refers to the coal preparation plant with the machining, reducing ash, sulfur, remove some impurities, for some special purpose, high quality coal. Including coking use, with non-coking coal washing and heating, washing power with mixed coal washing the lump coal, coal wash at the end. Does not include the washing of coal, waste rock and slurry. Washed coal can be divided into the smelting using coke to wash coal and washed coal using coke. Smelting with the coking coal washing, the particle size of less than 50 mm, 80 mm and 100 mm three; ash content less than or equal to 12.5%​​, referred to as smelting fine coal; use coking coal washing, particle size less than 50,80,100 mm three, ash content between 12.5% ​​-16%, referred to as other clean coal.

Washed coal drying machine system structure and working principle
Dongding washed coal dryer mainly by the heat source, lightly beaten devices, belt feeder, rotary drum, belt discharge machine, Fan, unloading and distribution cabinet composition. The equipment works as follows: after the material has a certain viscosity, wet material into the drying drum divided into the following work area: First, a conducting area, the wet material mud to enter this area and high-temperature hot air exposure to the rapid evaporation of water, materials in large under the action of the lead angle of the guide plate copy, do not form a bond will be imported under a work area; so he took a clean-up, wet material has been copied in this area board so he took to the formation of the state of the material screen, easy to form a sticky material falling Results drum wall phenomenon in this area due to equipment design and cleaning device, cleaning device, it is very reasonable to clean up the inner wall adhesion of the materials in this process, the cleaning device for the material group ball agglomeration also play a crushing effect, thereby increasing the heat exchange area, the drying rate; tilt lifting plate area, wet slime loose in this area has shown a low moisture state of the material in this area no longer has a bonding phenomenon, after sufficient heat exchange materials to achieve the required the water status into the final feed zone; four material, roller board in this area is no copy materials rolling glide in this area to the discharge opening, to complete the drying process.
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