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Product name : Baghouse
Item :
Details :
1.Device Description
Baghouse: is currently the most commonly used dust, dust removal efficiency can be as high as 99% or more is ideal for dust removal equipment on the capture dust particle size of more than 0.1μm. Disadvantages: high investment, a large area. The advantages of the product set of similar products at home and abroad, combined with environmentally friendly patented technology of the Division I, effectively improving the collection efficiency and operational reliability of the air box pulse bag filter, extending the service life of the bag, reducing the amount of labor strength, the ideal product to protect the environment.

Offline pulse cleaning, dust removal efficiency of 99.99%, dust-free secondary adsorption, especially for high concentrations of smoke.

High temperature flue gas cleaning, effectively prevent condensation, paste bag phenomenon.

The new easy cleaning media use, reliable flue gas temperature tracking system that can adapt to a variety of flue gas conditions.

Automatic computer control, easy operation, good reliability.

The gas box-type structure, reduce the local resistance loss, and eliminates the bag safety inconvenience.
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