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Prospects for the development of the slime dryer and

Author : dongding Date : 2012-6-27 10:22:14
Slime dryer projects friends are prepared to invest the coal drying experts Dongding dry here to slime drying project to share some of the relevant circumstances, for the industry to conduct in-depth understanding: slime drying industry the end of coal, pulverized raw coal, the proportion gradually increased, this is because the coal mining mechanization and increased levels of So that the thermal coal coal washing plant native slime and coking coal preparation plant flotation tailing large amount of increase. Slime as a byproduct in the washing process, has a fine grain size, water retention, ash, and contain more clay and so on, a lot of inconvenience to the Comprehensive Utilization of slime. Most of the slime of the washing plant are cheap and sold to local farmers, not only pollutes the environment and cause a waste of resources, the economic value of the slime is not really abundant mining. The face of the collapse of the growing lack of coal resources and coal prices high, slime drying imminent, dry slime disposal, new technology and new technology in order to solve slime due to high moisture (20% to 30%) can not be comprehensive utilization problem. Slime dryer to take the slime first broken scattered and then dry heat technology, the disposal of the slime of the continuous urbanization, industrialization and automation. After disposal of slime drying process, slime water from 25% to 28% to 12%. Since the introduction of pre-broken, scattered, broken up, anti-sticking wall processes, the drying efficiency of the slime were significantly enhanced, but also for the slime dried industries with a new vitality in the slime drying process.

The dry disposal of the slime can be used in the following areas: a coal fuel thermal power plants, and greatly reduce costs, enhance the comprehensive economic and environmental benefits; used as raw materials processing and slime briquette for industrial boilers or living ; as brickyard additives, increase the hardness and compressive strength of brick; add material as the cement plant, to improve the performance of cement; contain certain ingredients of the slime can be used as chemical raw materials. Dong Ding drying accompanied by the development of coal drying industry, has accumulated a great deal of experience in coal drying, and technical innovation, Division I of the drying equipment can handle the argillaceous material of lignite, coal, and pressure filtration slime, cooperation serves customers in a rich coal region in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Yunnan, Guizhou, etc., to create the fine coal drying project is our goal, sincerely welcome the owners friends to inspect and provide guidance.