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Slime dryer system during the installation process and the reasons for

Author : dongding Date : 2012-7-9 9:54:16
The main structural characteristics of Division I of the slime dryer system is able to bond into chunks of slime broken by the belt cleaning device round curved grate lifting plate, increasing the contact area of ​​the material and thermal media, and clean off the adhesive bonding material, inside and outside of the lifting plate granularity to meet the requirements of water products. Here are highlights under the problems in the system during the installation process:

① dry material moisture content is greater than the specified value. Reasons: the number of excessive, inadequate supply of heat, should raise the furnace temperature (but not the intake air temperature shall not be greater than 800 ° C) or decrease into the feeding amount.
② dried material moisture content is below the specified value. Reasons: feeding amount is too small, excessive supply of calories should be appropriate to increase the flow of material, but the material fill area shall not be greater than 20% of the cylinder cross-sectional area (ie, fill rate should be within the range of 0.1 to 0.2).
(3) rolling ring on the cylinder, shake, or relative movement.
Reasons: a: the side of the saddle there is no stepping up should be intensified.
b: the rolling circle and saddle gap is too large, should be padded saddle and cylinder adjustment (need to ensure that the requirements of Table 3).
④ pinion gear meshing is destroyed.
Reasons: a: the occasional round wear, turning or replacement.
b: small gear wear, you can reverse the installation, on both sides wear, replace.
c: the ring gear and cylinder connection is damaged, should be corrected, repair
 ⑤The drum vibration or traverse up and down.
Reasons: a: the supporting roller device and the base connected destruction, should be corrected tighten.
b: supporting wheel position is not correct, shall be as follows to adjust.
Shown in Figure 5: When the cylinder moves down, adjust the bolt screwed into the circle, bolts, sucking back a circle, the cylinder will stop down, such as, in turn, move up, then add in the occasional round liquid lubricants. The cylinder will stop the move. If the shift is still on, then tighten the adjustment bolt, sucking back 2, the cylinder will stop the move, in turn, down, it should be on supporting roller lubricant wiped, if necessary, repeat the aforementioned method, and then anti- to adjust, to not traverse far. Adjustment process, to prevent the occasional round skewed to different directions.
⑥ gear wheel damage:
Reasons: the axial force is too large, adjust the cylinder, in normal operation, the upper and lower gear wheel should not rotate or sometimes alternating rotation.
⑦The  bearing temperature is too high:
Or without lubricants, or stolen goods, or have stuck adjusted partial, should a timely manner.