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AlphaSlime dryer system to crack coal washery slime problem

Author : dongding Date : 2012-7-7 11:20:00
Coal washing enterprises in the production process, the humidity high viscous slime, past slime to give them away as waste, not only a waste of resources and production processes and local environmental protection has brought problems, with the increasing exploitation of coal resources and the state environmental quality, the slime is now coal washing enterprises put on the agenda.
1, water holding capacity, high moisture content. A vacuum filter dewatering slime water content is generally above 30%; folded filter dehydration slime water content of 26% to 29%; filter press dewatering slime water content of 20% to 24%.
2, fine particle size, particle content, in particular, is less than 200 mesh particles of about 70% to 90%
3, the high ash content and lower heat. Ash content and calorific value of the level of the slime is divided into three categories: low ash the slime ash is divided into 20% to 32%, heat value of 12.5 ~ 20MJ/kg; in gray slime is divided into 30% to 55% gray, the calorific value 8.4 ~ 12.5MJ/kg; high gray slime ash> 55%, heat value of 350 ~ 6.3MJ/kg.
4 stickiness. Generally contains more clay minerals in the slime, coupled with higher moisture content, grain size of fine, so most of the slime viscous, and some also have a certain degree of mobility.
Because of these properties, leading to the piling up of slime, storage and transportation difficulties. Especially in stockpiling, its form is very unstable, water loss, dried flying. Result is not only a waste of valuable coal resources, but also caused serious environmental pollution, and sometimes even restricted the normal production of the coal washing plant, a coal preparation plant is a more difficult problem.
Coal drying Enterprise of Zhengzhou Dongding dry developed special slime dryer system heat and dry the way for large-scale treatment of the sludge, to overcome the problem of slime Chu shipment due to seasonal changes, the majority of owners to a friend all ages.