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Dongding lignite drying forming the integration of technology for the coal industry to inject new strength!

Author : dongding Date : 2012-7-6 15:33:57
Utilization of lignite resources in China is relatively low, most are still used as a coal, comprehensive utilization is not high. China in high-moisture lignite power technology is still using the traditional direct combustion method, inefficiency, poor utilization of equipment can reduce lignite moisture is the important means to improve the utilization of lignite. Therefore, coal drying experts Dongding dry with the actual situation, the development of the lignite drying dehydration equipment, equipped with a of lignite special large heat source, dry lignite security be guaranteed, to further reduce overall costs. Molding technology, greatly expanding the storage shipment performance of the lignite, and improve the calorific value.

Lignite drying molding technology is divided into two drying and molding processes:
Machines and scraper conveyor belt conveyor lignite drying process: raw coal crushing 0-50mm, and eventually enter the inside of the large-scale lignite dryer. Tilt rotation of the drum, the copy board wall by the drum so that the full cut fabric curtain lignite formation in the drying cylinder body to make contact with up to more than 500 ℃ high temperature hot air to exchange heat discharged into the nesting box after drying sealed nesting scraper conveyor, belt conveyor chute into, and ultimately into the silo. The fine pulverized coal cyclone dust collected by the screw conveyor and star-shaped row of feeders to the material scraper conveyor, import dry after the coal conveying system. After leaving the dryer exhaust gas into the first cyclone dust collector, to recover the pulverized coal; preliminary purification of flue gas by the induced draft fan sent to the wet scrubber further purification by the chimney into the atmosphere. Drum lignite drying dehydration rate, lignite moisture can be reduced to 15%, the calorific value increased to about 4500 kcal. The principle is about the drum into a chamber. Fully with the flue gas, the material residence time in the dryer in about 30 minutes, so the lignite get dry. The system is equipped with a burner furnace of the Division I independent development, you can use the cheap brown coal as a heat source, so that resources can be more fully utilized.

Lignite particulate matter processing by the dryer, the moisture content to 5% to 8%, the first to enter the pre-press device for roll forming, re-entering the high-pressure roller press briquette pressed into various shapes. Lignite, after forming the compression to the original 30% to 50%, the density increased to 1.5 times to 3 times. Lignite in a large number of pores containing water, inland waters, dry most of the water evaporates, a small part as a bonding agent. Lignite in the molding process, the physical effects of high pressure or shear to the gel structure and pore system by irreversible damage to a coal sample of coal rank and thus essentially changed, thermoforming, lignite is not easy to weathering, thus completely solved the problem when the spontaneous combustion of lignite are stored in stack, not only to reduce environmental pollution caused by coal pile burning, and improve the shelf life of the lignite. Domestic and international typical lignite molding technology, metal forming process and the roll forming process.
Dongding drying sincerely welcome lignite projects of interest to the majority of the owners to visit friends, and seek common development.