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Lignite dryer Mongolian coal dryer system features

Author : dongding Date : 2012-7-23 10:28:07
Inner Mongolia has abundant coal resources, Zhengzhou east tripod for the characteristics of the coal resources in Inner Mongolia has developed the lignite dryer, Mongolia coal dryer system, to promote the application of Division I lignite Mongolian coal drying system in Inner Mongolia region, Inner Mongoliautilization of coal resources to develop and add new vitality.
Mongolian coal lignite dryer system features
1、with the dry anaerobic explosion-proof system
For lignite with anti-over-broken system
2、 lignite dryer system to increase the inclination of the feed-side guide plate of the dryer, the wet coal quick access to enhance the drying stage;
3、 the first half of the dryer to increase the length of the interval of activity grate strip flap lifting plate, to prevent adhesions;
4、 the lifting plate in the dryer cylinder body along the circumferential radial level of scattered layout, material increase in the number of down scattered about the process of collision with the lifting plate contact the upper part by the cylinder. The material is filed and scattered hundreds of times, increasing the opportunity to contact the material with the hot flue gas in the drum dryer and extend the time of the material with the hot flue gas in the drum dryer.
5、 the lifting plate hopper all welding big chain ring cleaning chain, and strengthen the chain of the dispersed material cleaning effect and heat conduction, which can effectively prevent the material in the adhesive on the lifting plate inside and outside the cylinder wall.

In addition, MGT, series of energy efficient drum dryers in addition to a unique cake crushing device and automatic cleaning device, there are the following significant features:
1, lignite dryer according to the different material properties (moisture, ash, particle size) to change the operating parameters, so that the material in the 2、dryer cylinder body to form a stable full cut fabric curtain, the quality of heat exchange is more fully;
2, dryer strong anti-overload;
3、Dryer coated with high temperature paint to prevent heat finish off the dryer during operation;
4、Dryer to achieve a "zero thrust, greatly reducing wear riding wheel block, cylinder smooth and reliable;
5, lignite dryer aligning supporting roller device, riding wheel and rolling circle with linear contact forever, and thus greatly reduce the wear and power loss;
6、Dryer no power auger feed, not only to solve the problem of sealing and bonding, while the intermittent feed into a continuous feed.