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New technology on domestic and foreign lignite drying

Author : dongding Date : 2012-7-21 10:12:10
Lignite drying and quality started relatively early in a foreign country, the equipment is more mature, the development process is suitable for drying of lignite that we must pay attention to the project. With China's rapid economic development, the demand for energy is increasing. In view of the oil, less gas, rich in coal, "the resource structure, the National" Eleventh Five-Year Plan explicitly put forward the steady development of the oil substitution "strategy to promote and encourage the coal and coal chemical technology development and utilization of . Comprehensive utilization of coal resources is increasingly important to the development of new technologies and clean coal. Quite abundant lignite resources in China, has proven reserves of 126.4 billion tons of lignite reserves in China, the country's total coal reserves of about 1/8, but its output is low, no more than 4.3% of the total output of raw coal. Therefore, how to rationally develop and make full use of lignite resources is a subject of in-depth study of current concern to more and quality of lignite conversion and utilization.

Lignite coalification degree of the lowest coal type, moisture content (30% -50%), high-fat low in calories, easy to spontaneous combustion, easily weathering crushed and difficult long-distance transport, suitable for processing and quality into products of coal in the mine, in order to long-distance transport to meet the needs of users. Lignite dehydration is an effective method of lignite modified fluidized bed dehydration technology is the main method of the United States, Japan and other countries lignite dehydration. In recent years, in order to improve the value of cheap buried a large amount of open-pit mining of lignite, are actively testing and exploration of lignite to mention the quality of processing technology, so improving quality of lignite processed with similar bituminous nature, easy to transport and storage, for brown coal power generation efficient processing and utilization of clean gasification, liquefaction, coking, and other conditions. Therefore, in recent years, related research and practice of growing number of processing and utilization of lignite and lignite dehydration to mention the quality of industrial technology development has become an important research topic of coal chemical. The lignite will become the future of international trade of coal and resources. Currently dry Dongding drum lignite drying process in the actual operation of the process of security and stability, environmental protection and energy conservation, has been the owners recognized, Dong Ding dry sincerely for your service.