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Lignite dryer system security can stand the test

Author : dongding Date : 2012-7-10 10:24:57

 Was put on the agenda along with the comprehensive development of the growing consumption of coal resources, coal, lignite and other low-cost coal, lignite compared to the slime and other materials is technically more demanding, professional manufacturers of domestic lignite dryer Dongding development closures and explosion-proof device to optimize the drying process to solve the security problems of the lignite lignite dryer equipment on all aspects of starting, and with the Division I independent research lignite drying dedicated heat source (you can use dried lignite fuel) energy saving and environmental protection, has been in the country to promote the use of inspection and guidance welcome customers and friends.

 Lignite have slime, other materials of different volatile, low-lighted, high reactivity characteristics, we first of all very concerned about the security of the lignite dryer system can withstand the test of today, here and home-related factors : high moisture content wet basis lignite stacked in easily spontaneous combustion, it was the spontaneous combustion phenomenon attributed to the "oxygen" that its spontaneous combustion due to the results of free air "oxygen"; high moisture content wet basis lignite defective dry the drying process of the equipment, fire or explosion phenomena, some people this results attributed to the "oxygen"; Thus, lignite drying air media, "the oxygen content of the lignite drying air must be controlled below 10% , and so say too numerous to cite. As if the presence of oxygen, there will be lignite fire or explosion exists, I have different views willing to work with you to a total of questionable:

First of all, lignite years short of a generative, high moisture content, and reactivity of coals, the volatile matter is generally higher than the anthracite and bituminous coal, lignite volatile and more generally about 40-50%, while the bituminous coal is generally less than 10 %.

Second, lignite is a low-lighted coals. Lignite ignition in China and more generally to 275 ℃, the Australian brown coal ignition to 150 ° C, while the bituminous coal ignition to 410 ° C.

Again, lignite volatile under the conditions of 350 ℃ will be a large number of volatile release. , Lignite and high volatile, low-lighted coals with high reaction activity, the appropriate environmental conditions, the volatile matter will be a large number of volatile released, containing a certain concentration of carbon monoxide, hydrogen, hydroxyl compounds and methane and other gases to form a number of activation molecules and a high degree of aggregation in the optimum temperature for the case of fire, the combustion of oxygen and other conditions, fire and explosion hazard exists at the same time, methane gas, however, under hypoxic conditions can still be burning or explosion. Thus, control of volatiles released during the drying process is essential. For example: September 7, 2009 for Australia's low ignition lignite a destructive production test: brown coal, lignite powder, Victoria, Australia real estate, low ignition temperature of 150 ° C, high volatile matter 57.45%, high moisture content of 57.1% in the test using more high temperature, the heating temperature of the three-cylinder within the tube 335 ° C, the tube 291 ° C, the outer tube 193.44 ° C with high oxygen-containing air, and its concentration reached 19.67% (high-oxygen-containing air mixed in theory flue gas volume of 14.21 times), the dryer is running low ignition point, high volatile lignite powder, only 11.4% of the coal moisture after drying; coal temperature of 70 ° C after drying; diesel furnace of fire, the combustion chamber cylinder is red-hot flame coal and up close, fire and explosion conditions should be "fully equipped", but its equipment operation is safe. The main reason is the volatile content of the lignite powder retention rate reached 98% after drying.

In summary, lignite dry heat only to grasp the law of its precipitation characteristics, to control their reactivity to control the release of their volatile conditions, control the operating temperature, elimination of open flame, is tantamount to control the fire and explosion risks, so dry lignite thermal control its volatile large number of volatile release is more important than controlling oxygen. Lignite dryer select Dongding, and the strength of witness!