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Characteristics and the development of the rotary drum dryer

Author : dongding Date : 2012-7-24 10:02:17
Rotary drum dryer is a branch of the drying industry, compared with other drying equipment, production capacity, continuous operation; simple structure, easy to operate; failure, low maintenance costs; wide range of applications, the fluid resistance is small, you can use it dry granule-like material is also very favorable for the adhesion material; operating flexibility, to allow the flow of products in the production of greater volatility in the range, does not affect the quality of the product; cleaning easy. Have wide applications in food, chemical, metallurgy, building materials and other industries. Drum dryer for example, in the coal drying industry is playing a very important role.

The main body of the rotary drum dryer is slightly inclined (and level) and can rotary drum body, wet material by the end of the join, after inside the drum, and effective contact with hot air or heated wall of the barrel was dry. But its internal structure due to the characteristics of the material will be very different, such as the flow of materials, viscosity, and whether to allow over-fragmentation and other factors determined. Rotary drum dryer is a well received by high-temperature heating and chief transportation equipment is widely used in food, chemical, metallurgy, building materials and other industries. Practical dryer minimum diameter of about 0.5 meters, a maximum of 5 m or more. The short length, about two meters long up to 50 meters.

With China's rapid economic growth, the rotary drum dryer will inevitably generate greater demand. Over the years, the rotary drum dryer is limited to pilot studies and the proposed mathematical model of the drying process, these studies did not fully reveal the trajectory and thermodynamic parameters of the rotary drum dryer internal material distribution, the conventional testing methods difficult to measure, therefore, subject to certain restrictions on the use and development of the dryer. In a very long period of time, the rotary drum dryer has no true sense of the technological innovation.

At present, the domestic use of the rotary drum dryer with foreign type is basically the same. In order to improve the drying performance, the development trends of new equipment at home and abroad also broadly similar, that is set through a combination of different geometric shapes to copy board, the development of the rotary drum dryer combination unit.

Be dried material heating, rotary drum dryer is divided into five types, namely, direct heat dryers, indirect heating dryer, composite heating dryer, steam calcined dryer, spray granulation dryer.