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Slime dryer system works and the drying process

Author : dongding Date : 2012-8-6 11:53:54
Slime dryer project is a systematic project, has its own mechanism, slime drying manufacturers Dongding dried slime dryer system works for you to explain the drying process
1、 slime dryer it works:
Slime material and coal-fired furnace sent 700-1000 ℃ high temperature flue gas into the dryer in the same direction, the material filed by the lifting plate and crisp, both direct contact heat transfer to the wet material, wet material with water gasification, and with the exhaust gas discharge. Dried Material nesting box discharged from the bottom of the dryer.
2、 the slime dryer drying process:
Slime has a high moisture content, viscosity and other characteristics, in the drying process, grab the following workspace: a workspace of derivative material (inclination guide plate), the wet slime by a belt conveyor to import a district materials with the drum rotation, and with the inclination of the guide plate materials will soon lead to a tilted guide plate (II), was filed, and gradually spilled to form a "material screen, high temperature flue gas through it causes the material to warm up and vaporize a portion of water. Repeated several times, moving to the activities of the grate wing (area), materials and grate the wing mixed together, absorbing its heat, while the wing entrained material with the rising and falling on, and the hot flue gas the formation of conductive and convective heat transfer. When the movement of materials with a cleaning device, arc-shaped grate lifting plate (four districts), the chain will pass in the heat of the upper space to accept materials, materials with the rotation of the drum lifting plate filed, crisp and The hot flue gas more fully the quality of heat transfer, and the lifting plate inside and outside wall adhesion of the material swept down. Meanwhile, the cleaning device on material Spheroidization play crushing effect, greatly increasing the heat exchange area, to improve the drying efficiency. This area of ​​materials showing the two states: one was dry powder material with the rotation of the roller and leave out the gap of the grate bars; a wet Mission ball stay in the lifting plate ring with the drum rotation gradually be broken, to which water evaporates eventually dry. Materials into a wave shaped lifting (five districts), the slime has shown a loose state of low water, this area does not have a bonding phenomenon finished products reach the required moisture requirements after heat exchange, the movement has entered the final discharge area (Region VI), this area in order to reduce dust, reduce the load of dust removal system, away from the cylinder about 50CM about the scope of no lifting plate at the end. The dried material with the drum rotation taxiing to the nesting box to complete the drying process.Slime dryer projects Dong Ding, technology, quality, and service guarantee.