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The snorkel rotary drum dryers

Author : dongding Date : 2012-7-24 10:27:06
The snorkel design and installation of the rotary drum of the rotary drum dryer, the same as the conventional type, the copy board is not installed in the rotary drum, the material from the inlet end to the export side moving process is always in the space of the rotary drum at the bottom of formation of a stable material layer. The hot air from the end of the center of the tube does not rotate with the cylinder, high-speed spray from the holes in the branch pipe buried in the material layer, a strong contact with the material. As the branch pipe is uniformly distributed along the length direction of the center tube, along the circumferential direction is mainly concentrated in the central tube lower part of the distribution. This design not only guarantees the effective contact of hot air and the material to strengthen the process of heat and mass transfer flow rotary drum dryer, and wear to the vane compared to the more uniform distribution of gas in the dryer length. The outtake dryer volumetric heat transfer coefficient is about twice that of conventional type. The peripheral speed of the rotary drum is about 1/2 of the conventional type. In the same production capacity, the length of the drying cylinder is only 1/2 of the conventional type.