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Dandong, Liaoning Province lignite dryer in operation

Author : dongding Date : 2012-6-26 10:01:22

     Lignite in the context of the increasingly tense domestic coal resources is a new development and utilization of lignite drying mention quality in the country is also a need to overcome a new coal drying expert Zhengzhou Dongding dry in many years engaged in the slime, coalsuch as coal dewatering drying accumulated a wealth of experience and theory and practice. Engineering and technical personnel of the Division I for the characteristics of lignite and point to solve a series of safety, environmental issues, the successful development of a dedicated lignite dryer device, the system is in the country in Division I is the development of slime dryer device vertical dry another major breakthrough in the field, greatly expand the use of lignite way. Division I of the lignite dryer system in the region of Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Yunnan has quickly promote the use of to solve the practical problems of the customers won praise customers, owners are welcome friends come to visit our company exchange. The picture shows the lignite dryer system installed by the Division I in Dandong, the system configuration of our latest development of the lignite drying dedicated large burner stove, completely solve the problem of lignite drying heat source selection troubled. Select Dongding strength of the witness.