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 Customer oriented, quality focus, to serve as the core Dongding dry basis for sustainable development, we will, as always, for the majority of the owners friends to provide the highest quality products and efficient services for our customers to provide the most satisfactory mostthe perfect pre-sale, service. The company has developed a complete set of equipment selection, procurement, design, site survey, equipment installation, technical training, technical maintenance, non-scheduled return visit to the service system, are truly first-class products, excellent service, we have every aspect of do carefully arranged, and solve customers' worries. The company also followed by the E trend of the times, creating e-commerce with the industry, the first of its kind, the implementation of the Internet, telemarketing, track job integration services, the implementation of the 24-hour service.
(1) selection of equipment according to customer needs.
(2) according to the special requirements of customers, design and manufacture products.
(3) free of charge to the engineering and technical personnel to the user site for users planning a location, designing the best processes and programs.

(1) the acceptance of the product.
(2) assist clients to prepare a construction program.

 After sales
 (1) assign a dedicated construction workers, arrived at the scene to installation and commissioning.
 (2) On-site training of operators.
 (3) complete sets of equipment after installation, leaving the 1-2 full-time technical staff free of charge to help customers on-site production, to achieve  user satisfaction.
 (4) the equipment warranty period is 12 months. Equipment within the warranty period, the supply unit of the quality problem unconditionally free to use the unit for maintenance and equipment problems in the life cycle within the warranty period, we received only cost for the owners to maintain, provide technical support and services for life.